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Crowdsourcing Platform старая версия

Icy Delivery crowdsourcing platform

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Want to face the battle of giants? Then it’s time to connect to our ICY Delivery platform with a ready-made express delivery solution.

Then it’s time to connect to ICY’s crowdsourced delivery platform integrated with the nearest courier search and booking system. For those who are working or considering the possibility of integrating with cloud systems such as Poster POS, we use ready-made solutions to launch in the shortest possible time.

1. You just need to choose a free online store “Turnkey” for your establishment, and in a few hours you will be able to fully carry out sales on the Internet with express delivery. We can also connect you to the ICY crowdsourced delivery platform if you already have your own online store.

2. You do not have to worry about who will deliver the goods to the buyer’s door. If you already have your own couriers, they can continue to deliver tthrough the platform using the ICY driver.

3. You will be able to sell products to your customers directly and organize loyalty campaigns for your customers.

4. You can use the services of our technical support and reduce your IT professional costs

5. You can set the cost of delivery yourself in your personal account, and buyers will pay the courier directly.  The “cost” of shipping is simply the discounts and promotions that you will provide to your customers.

6. Refunds to the buyer in case of loss of goods – you have nothing to worry about. We will take care of this with instant compensation. 


1. The buyer collects the basket in your webshop and clicks “Go to checkout”.

2.The next step – the buyer fills in the details, adding the bank card and goes to the page where he pays for the order (You can configure two scenarios; – Delivery at the expense of the buyer or at the expense of storing)

3. Further, the order is activated at the seller’s profile and the nearest courier is automatically booked. As soon as the order is assigned to the delivery driver, the buyer is able to contact him directly and track the order on the map until it is completed.

After the buyer pays for the purchase, the order will appear in the seller’s profile. By default, the order will appear in the “Awaiting confirmation” section.

Depending on how long it will take to assemble the order, the operator can choose one of two activation modes: “Autosearch” or “Schedule”.

1. In the first scenario, the operator launches a search for a courier to deliver the package to the buyer in real time.

2. In the second case, the operator has the ability to set an automatic search for a courier for a specific time and day
The cost of delivery is determined by the system automatically, according to the seller’s tariffs and taking into account the time and distance data received in Google Maps to the place of delivery of the order. 


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We created a crowdsourcing platform where goods are delivered directly from the seller to the buyer!

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